Post Diploma Program – biological specialty

I. Aim and contents of the Program:

Concise description of the program: Post Diploma Program – biological specialty is established for alumni of academic institutions who wish to deepen and update their knowledge in the field of biology and for alumni of graduate (master of science) studies of related specialties (pedagogy, psychology, agriculture, physical education) who wish to acquire qualifications for teaching biology as a second subject. A participant of the program will acquire indispensable knowledge contained in the educational framework of general biological competence and of didactical ability for teaching this subject. Lectures are delivered and classes carried on by academic teachers of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection using the modern didactic base of the University of Łódź.

Basic aims of the program:

  • merit preparation concerning necessary topics of education contained in the educational basis of the biology subject,
  • gaining knowledge of biological diversity and structure and functioning of plant, animal, and human organisms,
  • learning traits enabling a researcher to make the classification of plant and animal organisms,
  • learning the basics of genetics and mechanisms of organisms’ evolution,
  • learning the basic principles of protecting nature and the environment,
  • learning the ability of unassisted biological observations and recording them,
  • applying the obtained knowledge in the course of practical activity (planning classes, formulating aims, selection of methods and forms of work).

II. Initial requirements:

The condition of admission to the program is having completed stage I or stage II studies in biology, agriculture, forestry, veterinary medicine, medicine, environmental protection, ecological education, pedagogy, psychology, or physical education.

  • ability to precisely formulate and comprehensively express thoughts and judgements,
  • ability at cause-effect reasoning, analysis and synthesis of specialist texts in the field of natural or basic sciences, conducting discussion using specialist terminology from the field of natural sciences,
  • ability to make use of a library and software for creating multimedial presentation.

III. Principles of admission:

Necessary documents:

1. Application for admission to the post diploma program,
2. Personal questionnaire about the candidate,
3. Certified copy of having completed academic studies,
4. One photograph of the head sized 45 x 35 mm.

  • maximum number of participants: 25, program will commence when there are at least 15 applicants,
  • Post Diploma Program - Biological Specialty is designed for biology teachers who wish to deepen and update their knowledge in biology and teachers who are alumni of master of science studies in related specialties (environmental protection, medicine, agriculture, pedagogy, physical education, etc.) who wish to obtain new qualifications for teaching biology as a second subject.
  • having completed necessary documents a qualifying commission confirms the acceptance of candidates fulfilling the conditions of recruitment to the Program.

Cost of the Program: 4.800 PLN

IV. Organization of the program:

The Program lasts two semesters and comprises 440 didactic hours conducted in part-time form. Didactic hours begin in October each year and are arranged in 2 day long sessions organized once or twice a month.

Director of the Program:

Dr. hab. Joanna Żelazna-Wieczorek, Associate Professor

Contact person:

Irena Pazia


Organizer of the Program:

Department of Algology and Mycology

Contact person and location of Program:


Banacha 12/16, 90-237 Łódź


(48) 42 635 44 90

(48) 42 635 47 39


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