General information on the study

Full-time Doctoral Studies in Microbiology, Biotechnology and Experimental Biology offer research programs in the following areas: microbiology, immunology, biotechnology of plants and microorganisms, cytophysiology, plant physiology and biochemistry, neurobiology and neurophysiology. Moreover, the students acquire knowledge in the field of economy or philosophy, improve their command of English, get to know methodology of teaching biology in colleges and universities and become acquainted with advanced statistical methods used in experimental studies. Both the program of studies and the highly qualified teaching staff are verified by Doctoral Self-Government Board and then are approved by the Board of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection of Łódź University. Students prepare doctoral dissertations based on experimental work conducted in specialist laboratories in University of Łódź or outside. A great amount of practical work ensures good command of many modern research methods in the fields of microbiology, molecular biology, cytology, immunology, biochemistry and physiology. Graduates may apply for a job in colleges, universities, Polish Academy of Science, research institutes, institutions dealing with health and environmental protection, epidemiological monitoring, food control, agriculture and horticulture as well as in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotechnological laboratories. They may also work as experts in governmental and European institutions as well as in local governments.