Enrolment for Full-time Doctoral Studies in Microbiology, Biotechnology and Experimental Biology

Candidates for the Doctoral Studies are obliged to submit the following documents:

-          application form addressed to the Director of Doctoral Studies

-          application form for the University of Łódź doctoral scholarship and/or for pro-quality scholarship grant

-          up-to-date curriculum vitae

-          personal questionnaire form

-          photocopy of the identity card (certified by a person to whom documents are submitted)

-          2 identity card photographs

-          certified copy of a diploma confirming the completion of graduate (2o) studies or regular M.Sc. studies

-          certificate of the mean value of grades during the academic study

-          tentative concept of the doctoral thesis

-          letter of recommendation from an academic staff member who has a scientific title or degree in which she/he describes the skills and predispositions of the candidate for scientific research

-          information on scientific achievements of the candidate (publications, congress contributions, awards, activity in students’ clubs)

-          additional documents testifying to scientific abilities and predispositions of the candidate (language competence certificates, certificates of having completed teaching internships, etc.)

-          written agreement by assistant professor or full professor to supervise the scientific activity of the applicant.