Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dormitory Residents

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dormitory Residents,

The period of suspension of classes due to the coronavirus epidemic cannot be considered a vacation. This is a special and serious situation that requires all of us to be disciplined and behave responsibly. Exposing yourself to infection you threaten not only yourself but everyone around you.

Please remember:

1. The regulations of the sanitary authorities and the authorities of the University of Lodz equally apply to everyone, without exception.

2. I would like to remind you that most of your fields of study offer online classes that are compulsory for students.

3. Please avoid gathering in larger groups, leaving dormitory when it is not really necessary or receiving guests.

4. Staying in a dormitory during the suspension period may generate an additional threat to your health. I strongly urge you to return home until April 14 if that is possible. Please provide the dormitory administration with information about the planned date of departure. Leaving the dorm means releasing you from fees. Staying in a dormitory can be explained only by special circumstances.

5. Current class suspension period cannot be intended for any international travel or travelling around Poland. Persons who do not comply with the ban on traveling abroad will not be able to return to the dormitory, and in the case of students staying at the University of Lodz as part of the exchange program, the home university will be informed about the fact of such travel and need to leave the University of Lodz.

6. If you suspect coronavirus infection from any of the dormitory residents, I count on your being responsible and not leaving the dormitory as long as the test result is known. In the event of confirmation of infection, residents of the dormitory will be subject to the rigors and guidelines specified by the sanitary authorities. Everything will be done to keep you safe.

I encourage you to visit the website, where you will find current information.

I look forward to your full understanding of the difficult situation and count on your full and responsible cooperation.


dr hab. Tomasz Cieślak, prof. UL

Vice-Rector for Student Affairs