Scientific research projects

International Framework Programs

Department of General Biophysics

  • ERA-NET EuroNanoMed – DENPEPTHIV Peptides associated dendrimers in dendritic cells for the development of new nano-HIV vaccines, 7PR. 2010-2013 (participant)
  • NANOGENE, EU-Belarus-Russia Network in Nanomamterials-Driven Anti-Cancer Gene Therapy, 7PR. 2012-2016 (coordinator)


Structural Funds

Department of General Biophysics

  • In vitro studies of phosphorus dendrimers as photosensitizer carriers in PDT therapy combined with VENTURES Foundation for Polish Science, PO IG. 2013-2015. Budget – 146,500.00 PLN (coordinator)

Department of Applied Ecology

  • „Innovative recourses and effective methods of safety improvement and durability of buildings and transport infrastructure in the sustainable development” financed by the European Union from the European Fund of Regional Development based on the Operational Program of the Innovative Economy.co-odinated by Lodz University of Technology, 2010-2013,  Coordinator of the project at UL: professor Maciej Zalewski, Total Value for UL - 713.368,00 PLN


Special grants, requested grants, grants partially subsidized by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education (PMS&HE), not co-financed international projects

Department of Ecology and Vertebrate Zoology

  • Monitoring of fish fauna in the Pilica River catchment (sixth decade of research) - intensity and direction of long-term changes (1963-2017) of fish metapopulations and metacommunities due to human impact and colonization by non-native species. Łódź Voivodeship Fund of Environmental Protection and Water Management, grant 867/BN/D/2015. Principal Investigator: dr hab. Łukasz Głowacki. Total value of project: 157 298,88 PLN. Part of project subsidized by ŁVFEPWM: 120 000,00 PLN.

Department of Neurobiology

  • Norwegian Grant: Implementation of inventive animal physiology course for students of buiology with use of highly advanced computer software. Total value: over 0.5 million PLN (125 000 EUR); from Foundation for the Development of the Education System.

Department of Applied Ecology

  • EU LIFE+ project ‘Ecohydrologic rehabilitation of recreational reservoirs Arturówek (Łódz´) as a model approach to rehabilitation of urban reservoirs’ (LIFE08 ENV/PL/000517). 2010 – 2014, Coordinator of the project: professor Maciej Zalewski,. Total value - 489.157,00 euro
  • EU LIFE+ project ‘Ecohydrologic rehabilitation of recreational reservoirs Arturówek (Łódz´) as a model approach to rehabilitation of urban reservoirs’. National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management, Contract no 484/2009/Wn-05/GW-ZB-LF/D. 2009-2014. Total value - 2.032.254 PLN

Department of General Biophysics

  • COST Action TD0802 (2009-2013) Dendrimers in biomedical applications. Budget – 380,000.00 euro (coordinator)
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education - International project (2010-2013) no 723/N-COST/2010 Dendrimers in biomedical applications.  Budget – 899,853.00 PLN (coordinator)
  • NANOGENE, EU-Belarus-Russia Using nanomaterials in anticancer gene therapy Ministry of Science and Higher Education (SPUB). Budget – 1,068,000.00 PLN (coordinator)
  • National Science Centre, HARMONIA, Mechanisms of interactions between dendrimers and proteins, 2012-2015. Budget – 328,380.00 PLN (coordinator)
  • National Science Centre, HARMONIA Studying phosphorus dendrimers as carriers of photosensitizers. 2013-2016.  Budget – 695,760.00 PLN (coordinator)

Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Hydrobiology

  • Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research – Marine Biodiversity Information Network (SCAR-MarBIN) International Polar Year activity ID No: 83; no external funding; (investigators: J. Siciński, M Błażewicz-Paszkwoycz, R. Ligowski)).


Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education grants and grants awarded by the Polish National Science Centre that are coordinated at the University of Łódź

Department of Cytobiochemistry

  • Personalized medicine for B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia. National Science Centre grant (2011/01/B/NZ4/01702) for 2011-2013. Principal investigator: M. Rogalinska, PhD; Total amount: 435 380 zł
  • Molecular basis of betaglycan deregulation in endometrial cancer.  National Science Centre grant (UMO-2011/01/N/NZ4/01723) for 2011-2013. Principal investigator – P. Zakrzewski M. Sc.; Total amount – 109.270,00 zł.
  • The impact of O-GlcNAc transferase on Polycomb dependent repression of genes associated with differentiation of breast cancer cells. National Science Centre grant (Dec-2012/07/B/NZ3/00234) for 2013-2015. Principal investigator : A. Krześlak, PhD; Total amount: 396 090 zł.

Department of General Biophysics

  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education UMO-2011/01/B/NZ5/01371 (282) Dendrimers as drugs for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. 2011-2014. Budget – 298,600.00 PLN (coordinator)
  • Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Iuventus Plus, IP2011 041071 Dendrimers as nanocarriers of drugs used in anti-HIV gene therapy 2012-2014. Budget – 250,900.00 PLN (coordinator)

Department of Thermobiology

  • Grant from Polish Ministry and Higher Education No  N N405 100939 Induction of apoptosis by epothilone B and WP 631 in ovarian cancer cells sensitive and resistant for anticancer drugs. (2010-2013, principal investigator  Dr hab. A. Marczak, Associate Professor, total costs 300.000,00 PLN)

Department of Ecophysiology and Plant Development

  • N N304 385338 (78) Phytoremediation as a new area of energy crops used in the restoration of the environment and renaturalization of waters. Manager - Assoc. Prof. Zdzisława Romanowska-Duda. The implementation in 2010-2013. Total costs - 205 000 PLN
  • N N310 111940 (242) Proteomic analysis of changes in embryonic axes isolated from seeds conditoned with melatonin and exposed to chilling stress during germination. Manager – Assoc. Prof.  Malgorzata M. Posmyk. The implementation 2011-2014. Total costs – 220 000 PLN

Department of Immunology and Infectious Biology

  • NCS grant No 2013/09/N/NZ6/00826. Infective endocarditis – the in vitro biomedical analysis of the potential therapeutic properties of selected phytochemicals (National Center of Science, Poland, 2014-2016, principal investigator mgr B. Micota, total costs. 148.200,  PLN)
  • NCS grant No 2013/09/N/NZ6/00805.Determinants of inflammatory and immune responses in guinea pigs infected with Helicobacter pylori (National  Center of Science, Poland, 2014-2016, principal investigator mgr E. Miszczyk, total costs 100.000, PLN)
  • NCS grant No 2011/03/N/NZ6/04655. The immunogenic and protective activity of recombinant Toxoplasma gondii ROP5 and ROP18 proteins (National Center of Science, Poland, 2012-2015, principal investigator mgr M. Grzybowski, total costs 91.000, PLN)
  • NCS grant No 2012/05/N/N77/01216. Biomedical analysis of alternative therapy of chronic wound infections. In vitro research with plant polyphenols (National Center of Science, Poland, 2013-2014, principal investigator mgr M. Paszkiewicz, total costs 98.000, PLN)
  • Grant from Polish Ministry and Higher Education No NN 302 636340. Immunogenicity and neuroprotectivity evaluation of recombinant vaccines against toxoplasmosis in an experimental murine model (2011-2014, principal investigator dr J. Gatkowska, total costs 300.000, PLN)
  • NCS grant 2011/01/B/NZ6/01880.Phytoecdysteroids as potential medicines inhibiting the development of Toxoplasma gondii infection (National Center of Science, Poland, 2011-2014, principal investigator dr K. Dzitko, total costs 230.000, PLN)
  • Grant from Polish Ministry and Higher Education NN 303 451783. The development of the guinea pig model to evaluate the properties of biological compounds enhancing of resistance to infectious diseases in humans and animals (2010-2013, principal investigator dr M. Walencka, total costs 275.000, PLN)
  • Grant from Polish Ministry and Higher Education NN 402 098539. Immunological reactions to virulent and attenuated mycobacteria as the base of the optimization of diagnosing and prevention of this disease(2010-2013, principal investigator dr M. Fol, total costs 300.000, PLN)

Department of Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology

  • NCS grant No 2011/01/B/NZ9/02898. Microbiological degradation of xenoestrogens and estrogens in the presence of heavy metals and NaCl (National Center of Science, Poland, 2011-2014, principal investigator prof. dr hab. J. Długoński,  total costs346.500, PLN)
  • NCS grant No 2013/09/N/NZ9/01668. Microbial degradation of the chosen N-heterocyclic compounds with pharmacological activity (National Center of Science, Poland, 2014-2015, principal investigator mgr K. Zawadzka, total costs 99.840,00 PLN)

Section of Microbial Genetics

  • NCS grant No NN302 111338  -  Molecular epidemiology of mycobacteria: optimization and preliminary validation of high throughput genotyping methods (National Center of Science, Poland, 2010-2013, principal investigator dr hab. univ. prof. A. Sajduda, total costs 265.000,00 PLN)
  • Grant from Polish Ministry and Higher Education No NN 304 099039 – Analysis of species composition and diversity of intraspecies clonal structure of dermatophytes and other keratinolytic fungi transmitted in natural environments by selected bird species in Poland (2010-2013, principal investigator dr A. Ciesielska, total costs 235.000,00 PLN)
  • Grant from Polish Ministry and Higher Education No  NN 402 692640 -  Analysis of clonal structure of dermatophyte clinical strains isolated from patients of Łódź region in the years 2000-2010 (2011-2013, principal investigator Prof. dr hab. A. Jaworski, total costs 95.000,00 PLN)

Department of General Microbiology

  • Grant from Polish Ministry and Higher Education No NN 401 015636. Serological and structural studies of the O-specific part of lipopolysaccharides from Proteus penneri strains collection. Determination of their serological affinity (2009-2013, principal investigator mgr M. Siwińska, total costs 50.000, PLN)
  • Grant from Polish Ministry and Higher Education  No NN 401 020135 Characterization and serological analysis of clinical strains from the genus Proteus, isolated in Łódź area (National Center of Science, Poland, 2008-2013, principal investigator dr D. Drzewiecka, total costs 225.000, PLN)

Laboratory of Microbiological  and Technical Services

  • NCS grant No 2011/01/N/NZ6/00317. Assessment of virulence, biofilm formation and drug-susceptibility of Candida albicans treated with plant essential oils. Potential use of oils in combination with medicines in therapy of chronic wound infections with fungal-bacterial etiology (National  Center of Science, Poland, 2011-2013, principal investigator mgr A. Budzyńska, total costs 75.000, PLN)

Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Hydrobiology

  • N N304 350139 (173) Co-phylogeography of the invasive amphipod  Dikerogammarus villosus and its intracellular parasite Cucumispora  dikerogammari Head – dr K. Bącela-Spychalska. 2010-2014. Total funding – 314.000,00 zł.
  • N N303 579439 (179) Cryptic diversity and phylogeography of amphipods from “Gammarus roeselii” and “G. balcanicus” groups in Europe. Head – dr hab. M. Grabowski, prof. nadzw. UŁ. 2010-2014. Total funding – 345.400,00 zł.
  • N N303 796740 (235) Adaptations to ovoviviparity in land snails – analysis of adaptations of reproductive system and shell in Baleinae (Gastropoda, Clausiliidae). Head – dr A. Drozd. 2011-2013. Total funding  – 151.520,00 zł.
  •  N N303 798440 (236) Tanaidacea (Crustacea, Malacostraca) of the southern hemisphere – taxonomy, diversity, community structure and zoogeography. Head – dr hab. M. Błażewicz-Paszkowycz, 2011-2014. Total funding  – 350.100,00 zł.
  • UMO-2011/03/D/NZ8/03012 (320) Testing invasional meltdown hypothesis with the Ponto-Caspian exotic community in inland Polish waters as a model system. Head – dr K. Bącela-Spychalska. 2012-2017. Total funding– 998.600,00 zł.

Department of Ecology and Vertebrate Zoology

  • N N304 023240 – Assessment of the bioaccumulation of selected metals in benthic invertebrates (Chironomidae) displaying various adaptations to the environment; principal investigator: Dr M. Dukowska (years: 2011-2014). Total value of the project – 149,500.00 PLN.
  • N304 305 140 (239) – Threats to and long-term (1963-2013) changes in the ichthyofauna of the Warta River as a result of anthropogenic stresses and impact of invasive species; principal investigator: Dr hab. A. Kruk, Associate Professor (years: 2011-2015). Total value of the project – 210,000.00 PLN.
  • UMO-2011/01/D/NZ8/01807 (286) - Biological traits of pumpkinseed (Lepomis gibbosus) favouring the species’ invasion in view of predicted climatic changes; principal investigator: Dr G. Zięba (years: 2011-2015). Total value of the project – 264,700.00 PLN.

Department of Applied Ecology

  • The comparison of antioxidant enzymes activity in pelagic and benthic filter-feeders in relation to the concentration of cyanobacteria toxins in natural conditions. Grant no N304 398 839, 2010-2013, Leader of the Project: dr. A. Wojtal-Frankiewicz, Total value - 124.980,00 PLN

Department of Neurobiology

  • UMO-2011/01/B/NZ4/00373 (292) The discovery of type II theta in posterior hypothalamus: in vivo and in vitro approaches. Project manager: dr. Tomasz Kowalczyk. Total value: 239.400,00 PLN; years 2011-2014.
  • UMO-2012/07/B/NZ4/00205 (353) Interactions of the nervous and the immune systems in compensatory mechanisms at the molecular and cellular levels. Project manager: dr. Marek Wieczorek; Total value: 629.200,00; years: 2013-2016.