The present sub-page is a description of the New Mode of the procedure leading to the conferment of the academic degree of doktor (doctor), later called “doctoral procedure”. The mode has been in force since 2011 and has been the only valid mode since autumn 2013.

Method of documenting an application for initiating the doctoral procedure – new provisions:

Pursuant to Article 1, section 1, of the Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 22 September 2011 on the detailed mode and conditions of procedures leading to the conferment of the academic degree of doktor (doctor), doktor habilitowany (habilitated doctor), and academic title of profesor (professor) (Polish title of the Regulation: Rozporządzenie Ministra Nauki i Szkolnictwa Wyższego z dnia 22 września 2011 r. w sprawie szczegółowego trybu i warunków przeprowadzania czynności w przewodach doktorskich, w postępowaniu habilitacyjnym oraz w postępowaniu o nadanie tytułu profesora) (published in: Dziennik Ustaw 2011, No. 204, item 1200), a person applying for the conferment of the doktor degree,  later called „candidate” or “applicant”, shall submit to the director of the organisational unit conducting the doctoral procedure (which is usually a faculty) an application with the following documents:

  1. Original (or copy certified by the organisational unit that will conduct the doctoral procedure) of a document confirming that the applicant is a holder of the professional degree of master of science/arts, or the degree of magister inżynier (master and engineer), the professional title of licencjat (bachelor), or inżynier (engineer); in the last two cases only when the candidate has a document confirming that he/she has been awarded a Diamond Grant (in Polish: Diamentowy Grant) within the framework set up by a respective minister in charge of scientific affairs (Regulation of the Minister of Science and Higher Education of 27 October 2011);
  2. Proposed subject and concept of the doctoral thesis, indicating the scientific field, specialty, and discipline of knowledge, in which the doctoral procedure is to be initiated, proposed (principal) supervisor (possibly also a subsidiary supervisor), proposed additional discipline, and proposed modern language; the last two for exams to be taken by the candidate;
  3. List of scientific research publications produced by the candidate, and information on his/her activity popularising science;
  4. Information on the course of the doctoral procedure, if the candidate has already applied for the conferment of the doktor degree in the same discipline.

The candidate may enclose, in support of the application for initiating the doctoral procedure, the following documents:

  1. Certificate confirming his/her proficiency in a modern language;
  2. Application for obtaining a consent to present the doctoral thesis in a language other than Polish.

The commencement of a doctoral procedure shall be conditional upon the candidate’s having at least one scientific contribution published, or accepted to print, in the form of a book, or in the form of a paper of a peer reviewed scientific journal of national or international standing, as specified by the minister in charge of science, or a publication in peer reviewed international conference papers. The publication does not have to be thematically related to the doctoral thesis.

The doctoral thesis prepared by the candidate under the guidance of a sole (principal) supervisor, or principal supervisor and subsidiary supervisor, must constitute an original solution to a scientific problem, as well as shall provide evidence of the candidate’s general theoretical knowledge and understanding of a given discipline of science, as well as of his/her ability to conduct unassisted scientific research.

The doctoral thesis may take the form of a book manuscript, of the whole of a published book, of a thematically coherent collection of chapters in published books, or of a thematically coherent series of articles, either already published or accepted to print in scientific journals specified by the minister in charge of science.

The doctoral thesis should be provided with an English language summary, and a thesis in a foreign language should have a Polish summary.

The candidate shall submit the doctoral thesis, including the summary, in both electronic and printed form, to the (principal) supervisor.

If the doctoral thesis is part of a collective publication, the candidate shall submit the declarations of all co-authors, each of the declarations determining the individual contribution of each co-author to the publication. No declaration shall be submitted in case of a co-author’s death or legally presumed death, or the co-author’s permanent disability that makes obtaining a declaration impossible.

English versions of a few governmental acts and regulations concerning the doctoral procedure and higher education institutions are accessible on the webpage of the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and elsewhere on the internet; note, however, that the versions available are usually not amended. 


Approaching public defences (vivas) of doctoral theses: